I WON Against Mohamed Light 😱


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Bro casually beating Mohamed light😂

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Not so rare footage of Ian casually destroying world champs

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Reached arena 5 in one day😎

@Difinitiy 👍1

Bro didn’t have to diss Riley like that

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Hi Ian!

First off I just want to say thank you so much for the informational videos and guides you make. I’ve used a lot of the tips you give and gotten probably more than 1k trophies with them. So thanks for that!

I personally really like playing sparky, and I know he’s not in the meta rn, but still i love dealing 1936 damage every 5 seconds whenever my oppements start spamming lol.

Anyways, i need help. Ive been tilting a lot lately, and i think its time to change my deck, but idk any goos decks for sparky. Any ideas? I currently use Sparky,Balloon,(level 15), Arrows, Dark prince, Inferno Tower,Mirror,Valkyrie,(level 14) and little prince(level 13). Should i change something? i really wanna get good at this. i hope you see this lmao anyways thanks again for all the tips!

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W, I got the first comment!

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Called him Mohammad Dark at the end😂😂

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That ain’t Mo Light, that’s Mo Heavy

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bro really pulled a ryley and Ian callim him this guy

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“This guy is more Ryley than Ryley himself is" got me laughing

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Mohammad Light ❌
Mohammad Heavy ❌
Mohammad Dark ✅💀

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Hey Ian I think it would be cool if you made a video about your losses and you tell us why you lost and what you could’ve done differently or better, I think it would be a nice video to help us see how to deal with inevitable losses

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Mohammed dark

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Mohammad dark💀💀

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Fr golden knight is so bad right now. At least compared to any other champion

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The golden knight range is absurd

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Mohammed ryley

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The lag man 😢😢😂

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Ryley mini?

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Is Riley his brother cause they sound and talk the same lol

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Mohamed dark got me offguard

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Muhammad go marry 11 wifes

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casually causes the #2 player in the world to miss a rocket

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Golden Knight Drill is so fun despite the champion being so bad, lol. Basically, the rest of the deck does the work while Golden Knight does his own thing 😂

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Tell me the song in the end was it “gimme the love"??

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Mohamed Dark💀

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Mohamed Dark 💀💀💀

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Eh Ian would have won no matter what😵