Fireball CYCLE For the WIN 😎


@evannoel5842 👍4

“This guys officially a toothpick” 💀💀💀

@uvuvuevuevueossas8299 👍1

That one archer is the mvp lmao

@doublecrossed9925 👍1

Archer was the mvp lol. Also can we please do something about all the bots in the comments

@michaelekun3175 👍0

I liked how he said “get off my tower" it sounded like an old man chasing kids of his lawn in a cartoon 😅. It was nice

@arham9023 👍0

Definitely the definition of never quit

@saltysalmoling8055 👍0

That archer was the one from the last second animation, 100%

@ihabelk. 👍0

One archer shot was all it took

@zitingwang1352 👍0

Bro violated him with the toothpick allegation 😂😂

@realmzrealizz 👍0

These match-ups just keep getting better and better 🔥

@gospelgarry4145 👍0

Being called a toothpick>being called dumb

@justtdsstudios 👍0

X bow is probably the hardest deck to play, literally every deck counters it.

@mctlp2323 👍0

That archer shot brings back memories

@Lumen824 👍0

that archer reminds me of the animation clash royale made about the archer shot winning the game

@dorkprinceishere 👍0

That last second shot from the archer reminds me of that one commercial where the archer does the same 😂

@gamingwithtrey9556 👍0

Bro really copied the infamous clash Royale ad

@jukesxd 👍0

had he arrowed the archer, he would have won

@jayjones4175 👍0

Literally fire cracker is the easiest card to play don’t let him cook

@ItsMe-bv8yc 👍0

1 arrow beat a barrage of arrow

@Ikai6969 👍0

Archer Lore accurate

@lesgooo1079 👍0

Pigs on Parade is a ridiculous deck, so much pressure with such little risk.

@kaelan9556 👍0

God i wish i was as good as u

@jacesdavis 👍0

Idek what being a toothpick means, but damn. That was too bar Ian