Mohamed Lights MAIN DECK is OP 😱


@ringingpeace2120 👍3

Poison needs a huge nerf 💀💀💀

@davvondelluxxembourgentrux6316 👍2

New title: how to be better with other peoples’ main decks

@xii-bvinaykumar7335 👍2

Did that miner just take a tower 😱😱

@picklescr 👍1

When does the 3 free pass royals come out Ian?

@rohan7562 👍1

Bro use an eye tracker while playing the game. It would ne interesting to watch

@MaximaToluene 👍1

Ian + ryley will be a goblin barrel that can 3 crown anyone

@Fortnite_clips_battleroyal 👍0

Bro can we all appreciate Ian he is awsome

@Dxrk_Playz217 👍0

Bro uploads faster than I check my phone

@realmzrealizz 👍0

Egolem is a great example of “skill” 😂

@SuperSonic3557 👍0

You had three miners until the egolem reached the bridge 💀💀

@joem9286 👍0

Nerf miner please!!!

@er.mohammedwaheeduddinazam8205 👍0

Nerf miner

@c.a.j 👍0

Ian you got bots in the comments

@CinthiaTeresa 👍0

You make your way of playing look so easy, you are an inspiration for me to continue improving🙉🌻

@sagargill562 👍0

Nerf minor❤❤

@faygo4752 👍0

Average pink blob player 😭

@nonamebruh41 👍0

Nerf miner !

@erenyeager8583 👍0

Ian almost did the goblin laugh

@wuki- 👍0

Most intelligent e-golem player I swear

@RaijinTheGreat 👍0

cracking his ass in the game and saying easy win what kind of manchild is this idiot

@LionKing-ex9rg 👍0

Nerf miner

@TheFirstUser999 👍0