Balloon + Freeze = WIN 🤣


@Superslammega1385 👍6

ian is literally the best player in cr right now

@himmothybatfish 👍3

lovin the vid and gonna keep grinding to get as good as you Iann. Also keep up the workouts and maybe one day you’ll beat my 245 bench 😮‍💨

@wilomohdii5176 👍2

As a lumber loon player it is so fricking annoying when Somone kites the lumberjack away but you handled it well

@Complexxity_ 👍1

Bro really thought ebarbs would work against Ian of all people 😂

@rachavinvitayakovit1408 👍1

Is it just me or does lumberjack needs a nerf? It’s quick fast and deal probably more damage than a knight per hit, on top of that it spawns a 2 elixir spell, all for 4elixir

@Superslammega1385 👍1

how is ian not top 1 every season??

@Superslammega1385 👍1

ian is better than mo light

@Superslammega1385 👍1

nerf pekka!

@IamBean334 👍0

You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a lumberloon player

@realmzrealizz 👍0

Not lumberloon 😭

@omglol8425 👍0

Ewww that deck is gay Brodie🤢🫵

@freddie8964 👍0

Yuck deck

@Kobclaser 👍0

GG ian

@SoulSasha1 👍0


@Hendrakurniawan147 👍0

Yeah that’s good pekka

@bcpretzels 👍0

Bru tf pekka in that deck deadass ☠️

@logan-vq3dm 👍0

haven seen much ice wiz in the meta lately

@seekingCK 👍0

Nicoco best bs player

@BelixPlayingClashRoyale 👍0

Ian is simply that guy

@Superslammega1385 👍0

ryley is soo good

@Superslammega1385 👍0

i always lose to

@muhrafli880 👍0