@hitmanhusky5004 👍8

I’m sorry, sparky does 3500 damage, like wtf

@TheBluePhoenix008 👍8

Is the Sparky in meta right now? I see so many god damn Sparky builds.

@moritzstock1682 👍2

Little Prince is still so broken. Hope supercell will evolve him

@tokstomps 👍2

Ian pls give me the diamond pass I love u

@realmzrealizz 👍1

Ryley forgot he’s versing the king of hogs 🔥

@stujj 👍1

sup ian

@giovanimontoya4517 👍0

1500 + another 1500 in an attack you’ll never see so much damage in a push😮

@spekezy 👍0

Poor Ryley

@MrKeysersoze1981 👍0

one good push with sparky and its broken lol

@joeltroughton3021 👍0

That clone spell the he says the other guy choked

@IMayWin 👍0

I reached 7k today!!!

@Alph- 👍0

U snipe mo light😂

@GamingWithBilly2 👍0

this made me use clone now im at dragon spa now

@corycurry4135 👍0

Shhhhhh 🫣🤫 clone is my secret wepon

@ytearmc 👍0

Bros trolling high ladder

@nit3_bloom945 👍0

Alright bruh we all know clone is literal garbage stfu

@giinsan2271 👍0

bro is my giant skelli sparky deck that i was laying since 2019 became meta now ,???

@humanslayer7491 👍0

Classic ryley