Recruits Players DESERVE This 🤣


@JordyAbdul 👍14

Never thought clone was good but ian is here to prove me wrong

@ColddogClash 👍3

As a Recruits player I’m offended

@Shadow-cx4wy 👍2

Oooh that was Wotop !

@karimbmk 👍1

Wotop force à lui

@luisjuarez3130 👍0

Disgustingly beautiful push 🔥🔥🔥

@kmso81 👍0

Satisfying 🥰

@Williamtotem 👍0

W sparky shot

@GranttheGreat_BOTTOM_TEXT 👍0

The amazing social skills of a clash player

@bophadeese9362 👍0

started using that deck around league 8 of last season when all i would get matched against was hog rider every single game and got back to ult champion easier than of any other season lmao

@ravenbowman6038 👍0

If u say ur favorite youtuber 3 times u will get pinned.

@krystek9917 👍0

Deserved for naming his clan after him

@realmzrealizz 👍0

Clone beating mother witch 😂

@LClarke7 👍0

Sam sulek of clash Royale

@bradymckillop8943 👍0

Wild to complain about recruits when you’re playing giant skeleton clone sparky

@CoCpurplecobras 👍0

Who plays recruits at the start 😂

@koussaylacanadian8675 👍0

Thnx for revenge

@probarteknawofficialpl5135 👍0

Sparky 💀

@Just_a_Lick 👍0

Recruits first play?
Yeah, you’re 100% dead, you made the biggest mistake

@WilliamLopez-mq7ls 👍0