Is This THE BEST Evolution? 🤯


@MRST0R 👍8

How can you play with canonner and no small spell 🤦

@hoopsx2695 👍7

Everyone thought canoneer was trash😂 it’s so good

@Witherboen5640 👍3

Day 2 of asking to 1v1 me and if you lose you will donate 10 fiamond pass

@myersbob7517 👍1

The are in Lans comments now

@nadershahine5573 👍1

That’s op but can you buy me the pass so I could get lvl 15 cards and lil prince

@AlanMendez-IBQC 👍0

Larry never dies 💀

@user-qc8bb7vt6z 👍0

larry and his big brother commited murder

@lucasygouf2622 👍0

How do you play against an evolved giant royal ? I’ll lose with 2.6

@light7525 👍0

Balanced. nerf miner

@Th3thinker1 👍0

Gotta run arrows or log with cannoner

@naythlamer_4279 👍0

Maybe the small spell wasn’t in cycle.

@theheavenlyfist1983 👍0


@tokstomps 👍0

The goat pls gift the diamond pass