Battle Ram is GOOD AGAIN 😍


@CreativeProductions- 👍4

Lazy defense u can use archers to avoid damage

@benyamashita 👍3

We can ignore that baby dragon😂

@derekyatsko8046 👍3

Ian77 you are an inspiration to all special education kids that they too can be successful!

@jasonburrell4903 👍3

Ignore the dragon for 1500 damge ah yes

@j4cob3 👍0

he’s so dead famous words

@RaxuOnline 👍0

To the people talking about him ignoring the baby dragon, it was literally the right play. If you guys can’t see that, please don’t go around correcting people or acting superior.

Ian would go to zero elixir, especially after committing to to a push. He wouldn’t have a defensive option for the opponents Graveyard either, which they had enough elixir to play after the knight crossed the bridge.

“Lazy defense", yeah right. Thats why some of you are stuck at 7500 trophies and Ian is actually considered a top player.

@Jess-TheMess 👍0

Ian can make any card look meta tbh 😂

@user-yu3jn3pw4d 👍0

The deperation tornado go craaaazy

@ZiegeCr 👍0

Ian come back in the Clan!!

@jacobzhang3946 👍0

bro didn’t include the pekka in pekka bridge spam

@wow300_20 👍0

“I feel kinda off bad for this guy already” Ian77 2024

@IMayWin 👍0

No way Ian Said that The Pencil is good again!

@posobio 👍0

Ooh… That’s why some graveyard decks run bowler, I get it now.

@user-wu8rj7xb2g 👍0

Ian stop acting like this game is good so you can continue to milk content off brain dead children