The MOST TOXIC Evolution 💀


@dudemantb 👍4

I hate hogfc I just cant beat it with my mortar miner posion deck

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Can you make a video with an eye tracker? It would be very interesting😇

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Doing 1 pushup for every like this comment gets

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Can we do 1v1

@Dad-hx2ft 👍1

Can we play 1v1. 3 match 😅

@vansh_2007 👍0

He can also challenge clash royal owners!!💀

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Good luck

@BeforeTimeofCubing 👍0

Early Gang

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Whenever i watch your videos i kinda get inspired and relaxed and feel comfortable to go play ladder but all of a sudden i find myself in ufc

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Also hi ian

@Gamety75 👍0

as someone who has played Hog Eq with firecracker for years, why is Firecracker toxic? im geniunly curious

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Hey man , what can I do for you to be my mentor????

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Disgusting broken card sould be nerfed rn

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Im here so early..

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First ;3

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