EVO Wallbreakers are UNSTOPPABLE 😱


@Hudsongray123 👍6

Rare moment of Ian not using cannoneer

@1..000 👍3

Supercell really said let’s make another op card just to fuck with everybody

@realmzrealizz 👍3

Wall wallers do so much damage 😮

@ShelbyBrothers 👍2

My in-game name is DēMōN , I’ll beat u someday Ian 🗿🍻

@user-ne5sx3pz2c 👍1

U make deference look so easy 😔😔😔

@sankalpyadav69 👍1


@BreakersWall 👍0

você joga muito, um dia estarei no hall da fama 😼

@PeacefulMythicalBird-yh7vb 👍0

Why you always doing that corny ahhh laugh

@user-kb4js1oz9t 👍0

Could you try out my deck. Bet you will like it

@praaaanajsk707 👍0

Bro has 100% win rate

@ARCTac_ 👍0

Yes sir

@VlideN 👍0

_I think We all good here 😀
_Hopefully 🤨

@thememer4998 👍0

Good vid

@PoeticPeach34269 👍0

Broken card