Executioner with EVOLVED IQ 😱


@chm_21www 👍2

i love when ian says ice tiny

@pixelnoodles8704 👍2

ice spirit ❌
ice tiny ✅

@Nightwings228 👍2

The quickest loss was 10 seconds, sonkeep dreaming.

@Mister_Matthew 👍1

Guy was pissed by the end with those chicken spams 😂

@Caterina-pl5xc 👍1

Clever humor that lingers in your mind, making you come back for more.🍭

@CinthiaCler 👍1

A reliable source of information; the research is thorough and presented with clarity.💝

@Aaron-sz1hk 👍0

Bros using the chicken emote when he uses sparky 💀

@dikshantkumar8750 👍0

Bro the exe shot was smooth as butter

@redonwatershorts3169 👍0

Bro I love how Ian just explains everything

@uhnx 👍0

Why does bro always get good matchups😂

@xxkingslugxx 👍0

Ice tiny 😊😊

@SwervoWitz 👍0

Evolved IQ😂

@steav1478 👍0

You voice is so deep and calming

@TheCrashLandon 👍0

love when they start spamming emotes you can feel the anger

@aydenelmore1366 👍0

Ian whats the best deck right now for champion league

@legendarymaster5846 👍0

executioner more iq than ryley

@user-ln5bv2sp4i 👍0

Nice vid Ian!

@georgepapa7620 👍0

Bro really said “magic missile” in the beginning

@luisumanzor8193 👍0

Might be a world record: the quickest loss by a Sparky player. ☠️ That hurt me as a Sparky player.

@hedgey3549 👍0

fucking love you ian, but i gotta know what country does your accent come from?

@ElJavelouto 👍0

What did he mean by evolved IQ ??

@justdidntwantmyrealnameany1950 👍0

Guy spamming the chicken had me rolling😭

@Shadow-cx4wy 👍0

Viiper’s deck awesome

@sad_doge1952 👍0

Because of ian i call it ice tiny as well lol

@randomdude5877 👍0

Really the only good reason to use the chicken emote is if you die to a spell