Clash Royale but With VOICE CHAT 😱


@DanielTEN 👍6

I cant tell who is who.

@D-a-n-i-e-l-0-7 👍3

Ryley sounds so masculine.

@er.mohammedwaheeduddinazam8205 👍2

Almost 0-5 that means he lost 4 games in a row that’s surprising

@Abadddonn 👍2

I wish they would add vc.

@realmzrealizz 👍1

I don’t think CR will be family friendly anymore with voicechat 😭

@UselessGarnish 👍0

Noooo ian got the bots 😭😭😭😭😭

@0LLI1770 👍0

Kudos to voice chat improvement. It’s no longer static 10-dollar mic-esque quality

@ThatJT 👍0

Bro ian and ryley could be brothers lol

@Jess-TheMess 👍0

I love the Ian v Ryley series❤
Ian the 🐐 tho💯🔥

@stanco1273 👍0

I’d say a bunch of racist shit and call them trash for using split lane evolved recruits. Fr tho it be funny af you and your opponent talking massive shit all game

@amicablefire9693 👍0

Would love to hear more about you running and training for endurance. Awesome to see you both finally dropped again <3

@RiftyX 👍0

First ❤

@CozyBlendhaven 👍0


@antimatter175 👍0

Ian rly bout to say what everyones been thinking about evos

@benyamashita 👍0

Ian Riley collab?

@davidcolindres4775 👍0

Early? Tf. Love ian tho

@saltyninja5534 👍0

Clash royals should add voice chat tho

@xemp33 👍0

“Yo man let’s draw.”
“Aight bet”
“So uhh, *checks clock* how was your day?”

@user38526 👍0

🤓 🔊