Destroying a Keyboard WARRIOR 🤣


@SidneyKocen 👍30

Bro got pissed that he lost and proceeded to dm Ian 😭 get this man a life

@thuglight6839 👍8

E barbs rage, no sir you are SO GOOD lol clown.

@Proudbums 👍7

Rip Bozo, got packed up by Ian 🪦 🚬😮‍💨💨💯

@robevtayl3944 👍5

u should give him the bo5, also why are there so many bots in your comments?????

@pavlekovacevic1676 👍2

Guys lets go harass dess on his channel under newest video

@skwhitetiger7941 👍1

I love how he knows everyone in the top league and knows what they play 😂😂

@Justsomeguy-me2rg 👍1

Bro these bots be going crazy these days. And even though Ian is framing it as “kindness." You gotta fight fire with fire right?

@holdenhines5386 👍1

What is the best deck to get from arena 16 to 17 any one

@A_HUMAN1911 👍1

Did he call ian the n word???

@user-ch3ed5ww8s 👍0

Imagine calling random the top 1 of the season ☠️

@hosdbu 👍0

Lol Bozo truly started crying like the goblin emote😭😭😭😭😭

@Proudbums 👍0


@zukezee 👍0

Buckaroo got outplayed

@flawedtime 👍0

“one trick with hog” literally lost to him playing sparky lmao

@johnnyp1986 👍0

getting that mad at a mobile app is honestly just hilarious 😭😭

@davvondelluxxembourgentrux6316 👍0

Bros villain arc 😂

@henryla4737 👍0

Bro has beef with ian

@hellxapo5740 👍0

What was bro on about at the end 💀

@thicboiz2921 👍0

he got spanked

@ozarakiniro9786 👍0

You’re stupid what?
Is it THAT word?

@nitaybarshack6698 👍0


@luckytrinh333 👍0

This guy 🤡

@friedcheese3421 👍0

“You’re one trick hog" also him loses to Goblin Giant, Sparky, Ebarbs

@realmzrealizz 👍0


@napalmbhoji 👍0

💀💀💀💀💀bro predicted his deck and the discord is 😭😭😭😭

@DisneyBeam 👍0

One trick hog crazy😭😭😭😭😭😭

@chm_21www 👍0

this deck is unstoppable i poo on everyone i match against with it

@shafisaqib 👍0

Satisfaction 😂

@mw5399 👍0

I don’t see the bots are y’all tripping or am I?

@x189philthethrill 👍0

Not even using hog 😅