Playing the *BEST* Tesla Evolution Deck in Clash Royale


@ViggoRonnerberg 👍19

Only reason mo light sniped u was because he lost crl warm up 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@williamthirry9914 👍10

Chat was crazy

@sidroy2536 👍5

Mo is jealous he couldn’t be 2nd time world champion 💀💀

@not5669 👍5

10:00 😟😟😱😵‍💫😵why man

@Yumi-rc1ft 👍4

Ian is such a wholesome guy and then his chat is just something else

@thewonton7663 👍4

Mo light in his villain phase

@AnhilatorCR 👍4

Chat is really weird as hell

@Rickby 👍3

I agree with you tho, if you have to snipe people to get top placements, are you really a good player? Most people can win off hard counters

@oFadi. 👍2

I mean… You should have switched decks when you knew that you’re getting sniped Ian. But I get why you’re mad about it. Anyways, Top 2 is very good still! Especially while being sniped by some people.

@user-mq7ys2zq4w 👍2

Why are u level 14?

@AnhilatorCR 👍1

Chat is so weird ngl

@maaziinaamah7 👍1

Ok since Iann talked alot about sniping and stuff, I have a funny question. Is playing an anti meta deck = sniping almost everybody? 🤧😂

@Mamelouk_Z 👍1

You are so toxic in your play.

@calebwilliams586 👍1

Hey Ian why so few defensive Xbows?

@waynehuang8368 👍1

Ian where is your stream at? I want to see your live broadcast but I don’t know where to find you. And what should I do to add your CR friend. I really like your style and skill. My English is not very good because I’m a Taiwanese so I’m sorry for my poor English😅

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This crazy person had the Infinite Elixir property and you miraculously won

@cyriackurian4408 👍0

56:07, that was one of the most unexpected wins/comeback of all time

@joaquincm133 👍0

He got mad because he lost on the warm up and you got mad because he snipped you and took the top 1, being fair he does it with everyone so dont take it personal (i think its late for that anyway lol)

@gotingaming1430 👍0

Bro isnt mo light hez jealous light 😂😂😂

@juice9539 👍0

Mo definitely acoustic so he should get a pass

@randomthingssTV 👍0

I missed the stream but I watched the whole thing. Amazing matches and you’re the best!

@kavyasharma3626 👍0

To me and many other mo light was never the goat, as you said being a goat is not only about being the best in gameplay ( offcourse it includes it for sure ) , if you can’t stomach your loses and think of other smaller or weaker to you , you’re just a toxic trash can at the end of the day, you may get fame for your toxic behaviour and supercool gameplay but remember nothing will last foerver. Hatred will always devour wiseness.
This is why mo light was never the goat of clash royale, he’s just too immature and bears so much ego of being no.1 for that. He might be no.1✅️ but never the goat❌️
That’s why i appriciate guys like Morten, Mugi, Ian77 more than Mo light at this point he should remove light from his name😂😂
Bro is acting like a boss on ladder, i think he forgot how he got cooked by Air surfer in the first game of crl finals and how adriel crushed his pride. Every mo light fan said he was hardcountered but he is you’r goat no? I loved his broken face at crl like he saw a nightmare and could’nt digest his failure.
“Be humble or time will put your face on ground and get you humbled"
Am always amazed to see Morten in this case, even Mugi is humble and offcourse our guy ian77 is always humble. Its important to be a human first afterwards be anything 🤍

@worst-hd-player 👍0

Mohammad light snipe on you is crazy, he needed his get back after crl warmup

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Hey Chat I was Going to donate $5:00 But Ian ended the stream In the proses Can we get this to most liked coment so Ian can see i was going to say (Ian iff you see this coment can you say Hey charles in your next youtube vid Thanks

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You made my day up by such a long video ❤️

@user-uh4kn 👍0

Imagine you win a thousand dollars in a lucky draw and you spend it all in Clash Royale

@rayhanmiah231 👍0

Ian showing us how playing xbow in this meta is the trenches 💀

@alvisehauchecorne7140 👍0

You are my goat from France

@realmzrealizz 👍0

Can’t wait to see what I missed 🔥