CRL $15,000 Qualifying Match 🤑


@ThatGames-wq5uy 👍10

People who think Ian is good with every deck

@purplebunny7860 👍1

How did you have 2 evos

@Phin_was_taken 👍0

Ian is goated!!!

@lughaidh9719 👍0

good shi i believe u can win

@realmzrealizz 👍0

Ryley’s big brother finally being useful 🔥

@AhmedMustafa22788 👍0

Bro predicted the prediction 😮


What vid is this from

@user-lr2lj1tc5m 👍0

Did he just predict a prediction

@Ok-mc2do 👍0

Ian 🐐

@andreypikachu4819 👍0

Im coming for your #1

@tomasdonadio934 👍0

Easiest win of my life

@asitogaming2181 👍0

Bro play with mighty miner❤

@Phin_was_taken 👍0

Ian, could you do a vid giving a good deck for arena 15? I’m stuck😭😭

@epicxld8527 👍0

Sparky didn’t miss it fucking some how hit the mortar cuz of the goblins

@demarfoster5573 👍0

Just the best at what he does 👊🏾

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@doppio9543 👍0

Teach me how to play

@aarnavthebrickdude1623 👍0