Monk Buff is CRAZY?!


@noobwithaplan 👍9

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is once again monk’n time

@jasonayers9880 👍6

Came for the face cam, stayed for RG and Monk 💪🏽

@maxwellboop 👍6

Note, the monk buff and the giant goblin but are different as the percentage rates are different because of their health pools, so the hp buff for the monk can be overlooked and still would be not good, they should of switched the elixir from 5 to 4 and the ability to 2 than 1, that would Make him much better

@Cr0w1997 👍5

3:14 Daddy Ken mentioned 🤫

@thunderpenguin9559 👍5

Boss why does my log get a massive health buff when I see you?

@AYOUBCR999 👍4

boss is noob

@turca1302 👍4

the way you record your videos is the best, please do not change it 🙁

@szdrg1998 👍3

You should see how Juicy J does his overlay by splitting off the bottom card hand section, shifting it to the side and increasing the arena size. It’s perfect to maximise the game play

@planteruines5619 👍2

i think the monk needs a rework on the capacity :
less duration 4–>2.5 sec
activate faster 2–>1.75sec
and fatser recharge 17—>13 sec

@formulatoast6037 👍1

The new champion buffs go hard, especially the monk buff.

@kingofacidslimes9905 👍1

7:30 what was that royal ghost movement 💀

@segulis 👍1

about the facecam and gameplay thing, the red color used is really overpowering (i recommend black/gray to help put focus on everything else)

@shine8719 👍1

Hey if I have only one evolution slot, should I go for evo RG or evo skele ❤

@theAcum 👍1

It’s 2020 all over again

@user-lx3cx7fn5q 👍0

Monk ability on cannoner should not be underestimated

@Captain_Griff 👍0

I’m having 2022 November Monk flashbacks

@shingzhao1836 👍0

2 min, new record

@ArtsyAustin 👍0

I don’t mind the face cam and the gameplay is visible enough. Plus, you look great!

@Grassmonkey433 👍0

Watching ur videos in-between sets is always fire,thanks for the upload boss 🔥

@htsaul1569 👍0

1:32 man, this combo is sick, especially because even if the adversary play arrows or log to kill the evo skeletons it is useless with Monk ability.

@Frosty_V0 👍0

2:57 I would recommend getting an iPad. It will probably improve your gameplay too.

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@dlovansl2 👍0

I’m pretty happy to see the card back

@Jimbo1221 👍0

Thanks for covering the buff! You’re the man boss!!!! yoooooo

@hemvarshan4495 👍0

I’m watching boss after a very long time and damn u got big asl, good to see 💪💪

@sanafazi7953 👍0

Time to survive a another monk era


They should add a evolution that have 2 and 1 cycle in a same time like 1 time to be 1 cycle and next time will be 2 cycles that’s will be alright balanced

@Ernation642 👍0

If you pop the Monk ability doesn’t it do a ton of damage to the tower?

@Emanuel-oz4zl 👍0

are you able to do mortens layout his cam is slightly smaller and his gameplay is more in the middle

@twangerrrrrr 👍0

monk back in action but probably going to get nerfed next season again