30 Wins LIVE in the Double Evolution Tournament – Clash Royale


@Heywjebbs 👍8

46:35 bro you are just like Ronaldo, don’t be a cry baby, you are better but keep those words with yourself

@manvirsingh9109 👍2

My man literally sniped someone on live 🤓and defending himself . MidIan69 come on bruh 🐒.If u can snipe someone so have some guts or balls to get sniped 💩.And don’t cry about it on live. 🗣

@realmzrealizz 👍1

“Thank you guys for watching, and I will see you in the next one” 🔥❤️

@YOLO22272 👍0

Another Ian video of the hour variety😌

@user-wv2db1uq6s 👍0

Ian is most W clash player I have ever seen

W for Womp Womp 😂 46:35

@Roxx6969 👍0

CR plz nerf IAN🙏

@bartlomiejodachowski 👍0

awesome stream, watching late unfortunately. much love from Poland.


Greetings, I am Syria ❤

@exchangee_3 👍0

W stream bro , thanks for that , gl to gt

@drewgreiser8195 👍0

Hey Ian love you man! Always try to show support to ya

@unofficialhotel 👍0

That game against pantela was crazy!

@konarkverma999 👍0

Bro bring some hog 2.6 video not “the guide video" you talking about just 16 min of perfect hog cycle would be great👍🏼🤜

@Unutilisateurdeytb 👍0

18 win with the best deck in the world, Remieli deck🫡