I am the XBOW GOAT 🐐


@joeyjohnsonson4341 👍32

buddy is NOT Eragon

@alexh1483 👍3

“Ice mage” who tf calls it that?

@adrianjoel873 👍3

Bro no hate but I feel like u need to have less ego.It just makes u come off as arrogant sometimes

@Stephenwonderboy 👍2

Like if if Riley likes oily men

@andromeda108 👍1

Wow im fast

@OptiCherry 👍1

Damn Hunter saying he the best Xbow player 😭😭

@larsberger8784 👍1

Lemontree 68 definitely was the best xbow player

@zacharyschoolcraft8250 👍0

Made Hunter look goofy w the quick W

@Siuuuuuuuuuuuuu7503 👍0

Ian is the only player that can make best players in the world look like arena 2 players

@realmzrealizz 👍0

Ian casually destroying Xbow players with Xbow 😂

@CryMore07-bl1el 👍0

Thank you for all your uploads Ian! I enjoy just casually scrolling and seeing your videos come up. I can always get a good laugh or smile out of it. Much love man, keep up the good work!!💙🫶🏻

@TheGuyNoOneAskedFor 👍0

Eragon Xbow goat forever

@damustaine2068 👍0

Ian is the goat of this game

@kallthompson5205 👍0

I hate xbow players

@emmanuelmartin3908 👍0

No ian why you join the dark side. We’re miner bros man.

@hunter_cr 👍0


@diyasangma1143 👍0

“really nice catch on the ice mage"

@kaza5825 👍0


@Aaron-sz1hk 👍0

God damn xbow lasts forever

@Randomrainfrog 👍0

Defensive xbow kinda low skill

@jesusrodriguez1187 👍0

So u get no bitchs is what I’m hearing

@osmelmedero4726 👍0

Dead gameee

@smugmoon7965 👍0

lemon tree is the xbow goat

@tastyfood27 👍0

Show your loss game 🤬

@danc8458 👍0

Ur ghey with xbow—-I repeat XBOX IS GAY ASF

@YasserGG. 👍0

that’s kinda gay

@tDv0 👍0

Is there a deck you’re not the Goat with??

@gangstanemo2291 👍0

Bro chose the viking tribe 💀💀💀

@K1ng_Bozo 👍0

SK_555 the mini x-bow goat fr

@purp3881 👍0

U sound ike zenti from jynxzi’s streams💀💀