This Goblin Rocket is Actually so bad…


@kingdragon1076 👍66

What happens to this game

@tpfoxCastro 👍15

“You can buy a magic coin"
“Level 15 costs NO GOLD!"
It all fits

@pacanas4152 👍14

they made the toilet emotes to represent how shit the game has become

@adityabasu9489 👍14

I haven’t played CR for like 3 months and i am scared to actually come back after seeing this.

@marlin4393 👍12

rocket defense

@fabiorutichelli7006 👍12

Hell nah youre telling me they removed wild cards and now the books gone from the season shop? They clearly dont care anymore

@IShowTheSpeed_ 👍10

Goblin civilisation is growing, they are going to add a goblin tower next….

@jami.j2044 👍8

The rocket challange is basicly who has the rocket first in hand wins. Aint that fun.

@ahmetsamikurt4479 👍8

The skeleton emote fits the state of CR community 💀💀

@lil_disparo8659 👍8

Who else watches OJ just to see how deep CR can fall?

@rubenimmanuel9339 👍6

Bro removing the book from the season shop is such a fucking scummy thing to do

@th3_ph4ntomreborn31 👍5

Scamcell strikes again

@dorkprince. 👍4

If the rocket needs to be kept alive for it to lauch why not place it in the back?

@Kaan0902 👍3

They skipped evo bomber in season shop paycell really did it💀

@Magicjacken 👍3

Dagger dutchess makes this challenge so much simpler than it should be cause without it you can actually take down a rocket in the middle with a win condition when the enemy is down 7 elixir but the dutchess just does too much damage to allow that

@rainbow_vader 👍3

The goblin rocket is actually really similar to a stupid card idea i had back in late 2016 when I was a kid, I called it the NUKE. It was a legendary card that had a 1 minute deploy time and if it wasn’t destroyed in 60 seconds it just wiped out every tower and resulted in a draw 😂

@jhunnarcisoparcon4258 👍3

I still prefer the old game with no evolution just classic gameplay plain and simple (my opinion 😊)

@aashutoshbarve4847 👍3

From removing banners in season shop to removing emotes to removing wild cards to not releasing bomber evolution to removing book this might end up in just having gold in the season shop along with banner tokens😢😢

@cutepink6283 👍3

Fun fact: You can like this comment by double tapping it.

@sielmaes9980 👍3

this game is going with the pvz2 route

@skipwestdijk1409 👍3


@OMEGAXD303 👍2

The dev said “hmmm, OJ has been enjoying every single one of our events so far, i think it’s time to do something he won’t like"

@gogy2336 👍2

all I’m seeing is skill issue

@ahegwagewgerth8806 👍2

i guess evo bomber is unobtainable huh

@Darkness_280 👍2

Imagine a reflect spell

@TobyFloof 👍2

where are you getting these cards? im so stupid tbh

@luke4951 👍1

“That was 1/3 of my tower! So I need 4 of those to win"

@CookieAnimations69 👍1

I dont like this….

@willcoates5250 👍1

“that was a third of my tower! …you need four of them to win" said no body ever

@Joe-yu6ih 👍1

Oj having both custom music and the in game music at the same time is making me light headed