Playing the Double Evolution Tournament LIVE in Clash Royale!


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Chat was so kind for the 2 extra passes

@Frost.7xx 👍0

21:16 “I’m not reading chat, I need to lock in. I’m not talking bro”

Proceeds to read chat and throws the game at 4 wins 😂😂. Well played.

@TyeGuy5 👍0

I hope legendary cards never get evolutions, but we know that won’t happen

@mordecaym9797 👍0

como le hace para hablar y jugar lol

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eating ma meat

@Frost.7xx 👍0

Double evolution tourney? So you mean normal mode tourney?

@Vamsikrishnaveeravalli-hv7lw 👍0

Give away

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50:29 tiene el mismo mazo 🤣🤣

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My comment deleted? I DM’d on Insta for pass 🙂